The LIVE Show is an interactive, 30 minute show where the audience chimes in to interact with the hosts and the featured guest.


  1. Word of the Day: a guest brings in a slang, new, or popular word or 5 Minute Storytime: hosts are storytellers: personal tales or folktales

  2. Featured Guests: artists, physicians, stylists, YouTubers, educators, actors/actresses, tech experts, excellence LIVE

  3. Plant-Based Treats: whole food, plant based video recipes for optimal health and healing, complete with nutritional facts

LIVE Show Guests

Guests on Blind Guy His Wife Their Life LIVE Show follow these steps for a successful experience:

  1. Complete the Pre-Broadcast form

  1. Attend the Pre-Broadcast session on the evening before your episode

  1. Tech check in the virtual backstage 15 min before your broadcast